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About the WBMS PTO

The mission of West Briar Middle School PTO is three-fold: supporting, volunteering, and fundraising.

Through these three initiatives, the PTO works to develop and strengthen relations between parents and teachers with a focus on collaboration for the enrichment and benefit of every student at West Briar. 


The PTO works with the school to provide quality education for all students. Appointed PTO members participate in the decision making process establishing school policy and practices. The PTO does not manage the administrative activities of the school, nor does it control the policies implemented at the school.


The objectives of the PTO are promoted through an education program directed toward parents, teachers, and the general public, and are developed through conferences, committees, projects, and programs governed and qualified by the basic policies stated in the WBMS PTO by-laws.


The PTO is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All money raised by the PTO through fundraising activities and programs is to benefit West Briar Middle School and all students.


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