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The West Briar Middle School PTO hosts several grade-specific and school-wide events throughout the year to raise funds and for curriculum and student enrichment, as well as to show support for our teachers and staff.


Each of these events take a lot of planning and many volunteers to make them happen - we encourage you to get involved in any of these activities.

We also support many school-led events through volunteerism and donations. More information about these events is available by contacting the School administration.

  •  Homecoming Dance (7th & 8th Grade)

  • Literacy Week & Book Fair

  • Athletic Fun Day

  • Math Pi Day

  • Math Night & Science Night

  • 7th Grade Social

  • 6th Grade World Cultures Day

  • Career Day

Got questions about volunteering or getting registered with VIPS?

We're here to help, just send us an email:


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